Is it possible for the pegged tooth on the left to be removed and the space closed with braces? Missing a lateral incisor(Photo)

The ortho says i have to open up the space where the pegged tooth is, and then get a crown to convert the pegged into normal tooth. My mid-line is more to my right. Won't that move my good left incisor smack right in the middle of my mouth? Kindly advice.

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Get another orthodontic opinion to verify treatment plan

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Its is difficult to accurately diagnose what would be the best treatment option for you, but I would advise getting a second opinion. You are missing your upper right lateral incisor and have a peg lateral on the left. If you open up space to make a "normal-looking" tooth for the peg lateral on the left, your midline will shift even more to the right like you said.  Two options are: to remove the left peg lateral and close the space (will need to get restorations on the canine teeth to make them look like laterals) or to open the space where the right lateral should be and plan for an implant in that area. Both options will shift your upper midline to the left which will match your facial midline. I cannot advise you which option is best since I haven't seen a full set of records. Hope this helps!

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