Am I caring for wound properly? I had Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, and Brazilian Butt Lift. (photos)

I had a tt, lipo and bbl on june 9 four days pp i got like four small blisters on my right flank area,Ps had me put silver sulfa cream on it and cover it up. day nine had a app,blisters had popped and gotten deep lesion. She cleaned it andI was to keep it covered and apply silver sulfa cream. she said that the yellow dead tissue want leting the healing process progressandgaveme on santyl once a day i do notice that the cream santyl is eating away at the yellow tissue and more red is migrating in

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Wound healing problems following a TT

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Unfortunately you had some wound healing problems most likely due to decreased blood supply.  You are treating the area correctly, need more time for it to heal - 6 - 8 weeks.  Then may consider a revision of the scar

Healing process

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Your wound looks great: clean and healthy, that red tissue is called "granulation tissue" which is the predecessor of the new skin. Once the wound is covered all by the red tissue, little islands of new skin will appear and then, those islands will grow and join the others and your wound will be all covered with skin again.

Be encouraged!!!!.

Dr. Cardenas

Am I caring for wound properly? I had Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, and Brazilian Butt Lift.

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Sorry for the wound issues. But all appears to be healing as normal and the care you are receiving is good.... 

Care after body contouring

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Sorry you had such an experience after your surgery.  Keep in close contact and follow-up with your surgeon-- the wound appears to be healing with the treatments she has prescribed.

Erik Hoy, MD
Warwick Plastic Surgeon

Consistent wound care usually takes care of healing issues after abdominoplasty.

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Regimen that you're on seems completely logical. The healing process will be accompanied by increased blood supply to the area in question. Carry-on.

Wound Care

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Thank you for your picture. I'm sorry that you had this complication. It sounds like your plastic surgeon is doing everything correctly. It will take several weeks to a couple months 

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