Why doesn't Juvederm Ultra last in my lips? I am a 23 year old female and I've gone twice to a plastic surgeon.

Each time, the dr did 1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra&there was about 1 month in btwn appts. I loved how it looked for 2-3 weeks (which I learned was swelling). After, my lips didnt look as good&now 3 mo's later, my lips look exactly how they did before filler. I asked the dr why&she said it could be bc the younger u r the quicker ur body metabolizes filler. In the past, I've had Restylane&it was the same thing. Why is this? What options do I have for a more long-lasting/permanent effect?

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Lip filler

Hello, and thanks for your question. I'm sorry you did not get the result you had hoped for. 

It is possible that you could use a little more volume with each injection. Also, you could try a heartier filler such as Juvederm Ultra Plus, or possible even Voluma. To maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome, I recommend that you only get treated by a well-trained and experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Hope this opinion is helpful to you. Best of luck, Dr. Frucht.   

Santa Barbara Dermatologic Surgeon
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Juvederm for Lips

Lip Augmentation can vary depending on what type of product is injected.  If you post a photo it would be more helpful since you may need more product to achieve a full correction.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Lip augmentation

It depends on where it is injected in the lip.  Not all practioners are alike when doing lips.  It is an art and technique dependent.  

Afshin Farzadmehr, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Lip Augmentation with Fillers or Lip Implant or Fat

IF you are unahppy try a filler that lasts longer like voluma or restylane lyft.  Some people metabolize some fillers more quickly.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Filler in lips may only last 3-6 months, however newer fillers may last donger

Filler tends to last longer in areas of the face with little movement. Because we all move our lips a lot, filler in this ares sometimes doesn't last very long. You may want to try thicker preparations like Juvederm Ultra Plus or Restylane Lyft. There are also some newer hyaluronic acid fillers coming soon and may last longer in the lips, so don't give up!

Theda C. Kontis, MD
Baltimore Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Why doesn't Juvederm Ultra last in my lips? I am a 23 year old female and I've gone twice to a plastic surgeon.

Hello Rebecca.r92,

The lips will tend to get rid of filler the fastest.  The reason is because the lips are so mobile.  There are other fillers that are thicker than can be injected.  You do need to be more careful with these because they are a little more prone to contour irregularities, and they don't give as natural of a feel in the lips in my opinion.  I would highly advise you against any permanent lip fillers.  They are highly prone to complications and unhappy patients.  

I hope this helps and good luck.  

William Marshall Guy, MD
The Woodlands Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Juvederm Longevity

You might consider using Juvederm Ultra Plus.   I have used only this for lips and have been pleased with the longevity.    The hyaluronic acid fillers are   very good and I think it worth trying the thicker preparation.  My Best,   Dr Commons

George Commons, MD
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon
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