2nd implant surgery after 12 years, broke after breastfeeding (electric pump used). I'm not satisfied with new implants. (photo)

Been about a year i had breast implants the scars havent dissolved i still have them are visible grown and painful and discomfort especially whenever i wear any type of bra even sport bras my surgeon seen me recently told me it happened.i should go on september get cortizon injections to soften the scars.Please can you really tell me why it happened was a bad surgeon job? also im not really satisfied with my breast its not that firm as it was with my previous implants and also i find it small

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Unsatisfied with Second Implant Surgery

Hello and thank you for your question. I would definitely say that the best person to contact first would be your own plastic surgeon in order to discuss your feelings about the results of this procedure. It is definitely not fair that you have been left with unsatisfying results for a year now, and you should receive revisions from your surgeon. After breastfeeding you may have acquired moderate to severe breast sag, where a breast lift (mastopexy) may be recommended to ensure the best result and longest lasting result. Failing to have a breast lift when necessary will only lead to a less than ideal result leaving the patient unhappy and needing a revision surgery. A larger breast implant can help lift the breast, but the low hanging breast tissue will still be present causing a disconnect between the implant and breast tissue located at the bottom of the breast. Any of these issues may have caused the poor results of your second procedure. However, you do have a right to quality appearance and feeling.

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