Hematoma after 9th day post op, and stinging needle like pain in one specific local area, is this normal? (Photo)

My surgery was performed on July 5th. I had Sientra HP 505cc inserted that day. Since day one I've had this needle like stinging pain under my left armpit. This feeling is felt first thing when I wake up, and anytime during a stretch. What now also has me concerned is that it's day 9 post op, and I developed a hematoma which I noticed this morning. Should I be concerned?

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Healing after breast augmentation

From your photographs, it seems you have a bruise, which is quite normal. I don't see evidence of a hematoma. You are very close to your surgical date, and it seems like you are probably on track for a nice result. You should discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.

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Normal post op

From photos the bruise is totally normal. I do not think from these photos that you have a true breast hematoma. It is totally normal for you to have the stinging /shooting pains. This is usually on temporary and should improve with time. You should see your surgeon if the bruise increases or if you have any additional concerns. Good Luck

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