Is it possible to fix the scars from my breast lift? My nipples are up too high. Can they be taken down? (Photo)

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Nipples Too High After Breast Lift

Without seeing pictures where both of your arms are down by your side and also without seeing a lateral view of your breasts, it is impossible to accurately answer your question about your nipple-areola complex position on your breasts. If after an in person examination by a plastic surgeon, it is determined that your nipple-areola complex is indeed too high on your breast mound, yes, it could possibly be revised by reducing the amount of skin on the lower pole of your breast. Best of luck!

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Regarding breast scars, they may take as long as two years to reach their baseline appearance. Revision of the scars is reasonable after they have matured. Tension on the scar, location on the body and genetics affect the quality of the scar. After scar revision minimizing tension on the scar for several months can end up with an improved result. 

It is difficult to lower the nipple position as you will have a scar where the nipple was. Decreasing the amount of skin of the lower pole of the breast can pull down the high nipple some. Enlarging the breast and increasing the height of the breast will make the nipple look lower on the breast mound. 

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