I'm considering an eyelift and have found two doctors that have excellent credentials. Who should I choose?

One would use a local with iv sedation, the other would use general anesthesia. I am 65, no obvious health problems, which would be preferable.

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What type of anesthesia for eyelid lift ?

Almost any eyelid surgery, including eyelid lift, can be safely and effectively be performed under local anesthesia with or without IV sedation.  General anesthesia is not necessary except for uncooperative patients.  Type of anesthesia almost depends on the surgeon's preference.

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Choosing doctors

It is fortunate that you found two good doctors that you are comfortable with. They have different preferences in how they manage patients. You will ultimately decide which of the two you feel more comfortable with and go that direction

Choosing a surgeon

All things being equal, I think selecting the surgeon who you most felt comfortable with is the best way to go. This also includes your surgeon's nursing and office staff. As far as anesthesia, either method is reasonable.

Taylor Theunissen, MD
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Choosing your eyelid surgery surgeon

Choosing a surgeon for your eyelids should be based on the  Cosmetic end result, not the type of anesthesia being used. In our practice, we perform eyelid surgery under general anesthesia for patient safety and comfort.

William Portuese, MD
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Eyelid surgery

I use a board-certified anesthesiologist for most facial rejuvenation cases. However, if this procedure if this is eyes only, Local anesthesia with IV sedation cold be fine.

Do both of the plastic surgeons understand your goals and share your aesthetic sensibilities? In other words, have you seen, many, many before and after photos and are pleased with the outcomes? Have you had an opportunity to speak to previous patients about their experiences?  Have you discussed what your post-operative experience will be like?

The most common problem I see following eyelid surgery is hollow areas where too much fat and / or skin has been removed. carefully view the before and after photos to be patients don't have a hollow look after surgery. You could be in great hands with either doctor.  

Michael Law, MD
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Choose the MD you are most comfortable with or is using the form of anesthesia you would like to have.  Either way it sounds like you are in good hands

Dr Corbin

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How to choose doctor for eye lift surgery?

If you are comfortable with both doctors, you most likely would get a good result with either surgeon to perform your eye lift surgery.  If you are just having eyelid surgery and not any surgery on your brows, then my personal preference would be to perform the surgery using local with IV sedation.  This type of anesthesia could also be used when performing surgery on the brows, but there may be some surgeons who prefer using a general anesthesia.  Normally, recovery from anesthesia is faster with IV sedation than with general anesthesia as well.   

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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Generally, I do not perform eyelid surgery under general anesthesia.

It is extraordinarily helpful to have the patient open and close the eyelid surgery surgery to monitor the effect of surgery.  This option is not possible when general anesthesia is used.  Credentials tell you very little about how the surgeon actual plans to perform surgery, how they actually perform surgery, and what their outcomes are like.  Chemistry of confidence is also very important.  It is very helpful to believe and like the surgeon.  I recommend very carefully studying the surgeons' before and after pictures and see if this influences how you feel about a particular surgeon.  If you can't make up your mind, perhaps neither of these surgeons is right for you.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Eyelid lift doctor

If both doctors have excellent credentials, my advice is to choose whichever doctor you feel the most comfortable with at the time of your consultation.

Mitesh Kapadia, MD, PhD
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