12 days post op, I have a bump on bridge after Rhinoplasty. Is this normal?

I had a primary rhinoplasty 12 days ago. The day the cast was removed (6th day) I noticed a small bump on the bridge which also had a bruise. It seems like the bump had gotten bigger and when I touch it, it seems soft. Can this be scar tissue so early on? And will it go away?

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Bump on the nose after Rhinoplasty

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You should not be concerned. Small bumps or elevations on the bridge of the nose are common in the early stages of healing. Bumps may be present for up to a few months or longer. They are often caused by temporary factors such as bruising, bleeding and uneven swelling of the skin. Sometimes they are caused by tissue grafts that will shrink and soften over time. Nasal splints/casts limit swelling after surgery, so I am not surprised to hear the bump got a little larger after your splint was removed. The fact the bump is soft like swelling and not hard like cartilage is an encouraging sign. Bring this to the attention of your surgeon at your next follow up visit. I am certain your doctor is the best person to explain the particulars of your bump. Best wishes

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