If your nipples are inverted and wanted them to stick out would surgery keep them out or would it be a waste of time & money?

If your nipples are inverted and wanted them to stick out would surgery keep them out...???? Or would it be a waste of time a d money...????

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Inverted nipples

Thank you for your question.

Inverted nipples can be corrected as there are techniques to do so. I would suggest a physical or picture evaluation in order to determine which technique would be best for you.

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Correction of Inverted Nipples......

Yes! Surgical correction of inverted nipples usually results in permanent eversion of the nipple. This can sometimes be done without cutting the ducts, but that is the most reliable technique for permanent correction.

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
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Inverted nipples

Inverted nipples are caused by foreshortening of the breast ducts. The classical procedure to fix this is to divide the ducts. This is reliable and usually permanent, but renders the women unlikely to be able to nurse. This is certainly the procedure of choice for women who have completely their families. 

The ducts can also be stretched at surgery, using a technique that does not divide the ducts. The potential to nurse is not eliminated, but the permanence of the repair is lower.

All the best, Dr G.

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Inverted nipples can be treated very easily with minor surgery.  You can actually be awake for this procedure and it should take less than an hour.  See a BC PS in your area.


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Inverted Nipples

There are a variety of surgical techniques that are effective for correcting inverted nipples.  The nipples are retracted because the ducts are too short.  Most surgical techniques cut the ducts.  If the degree of inversion is extreme and has been present for many years then the chances for success go down.  Sometimes nipple piercing with a "dumbell" can stretch the ducts to correct the inversion.  See a plastic surgeon well experienced in breast surgery.

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Correction of inverted nipples

I routinely "correct" inverted nipples in my practice. Most of the time we are doing breast enhancement or augmentation at the same time as the correction, because in most cases patients desire some added volume in addition to the correction of the inverted nipples.  There are some times that we just correct the inverted nipple by itself. If so that can be done under local anesthesia quite easily as an office-based procedure.  Patients are very happy after correction of the inverted nipple.  I hope this helps!

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