Jawline and Size Cant Support Filler in Lips?

I want to get just a little bit of filler in my lips but I don't think my jawline can support bigger lips, it would just look like I have a serious overbite or something. Can this kind of jaw augmentation be achieved with a non-permanent filler or do I need implants. (The look i want to achieve is a larger looking jaw, not wider but longer from the cheekbone. Similar to when I look in the mirror and push my jaw down and forward)

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Jaw dimensions vs. lip dimension

You have raised excellent questions regarding facial proportion.

It is pure artistry and an appreciation for balance and proportion that are necessary to balance all the features of the face and maximize their beauty.

"Even with filler", a well developed aesthetic sense is necessary to produce a beautiful, balanced result.

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Jaw and chin implants

I cannot make sense of your post especially without a photo. Lip size with or without filler has nothing to do with bite (under/over bite or under/over jet). Furthermore jaw (including chin) size has more to do with bite and lip to lip occlusion than it has to do with actual lip size. The best way to increase front to back jaw length is direct jaw surgery or jaw implants.

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