Can I get jawline lipo like my wish pic? (photos)

I have had mixed opinions of whether or not I should have chin/jaw liposuction because I really don't have a whole lot if fat there, but nonetheless, the little amount really has bothered me a bit. But what others have said has made me consider it a lot more as if surgery results are minor, then I am contemplating enough if it really is worth it. I found a picture of a neck lipo done in S Korea, I have similar chin fat and her results seems very nice. Is this possible in the US?

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Jawline dreams!

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I must say that after looking carefully at your single-view photo, and your two goal photos (before and after), I have read all of the answers here, and they range from SmartLipo and external RF to liposuction alone to injectable fillers.

I believe there is no consensus because you have not provided the most important view (profile) with which to make an accurate assessment, but also because your provided view shows a cute young woman without much visible fat to treat by ANY method.

Thus, I agree most with Dr. Winslow, and even commonly use her phrase "It's a long run for a short slide!" I think the potential for improvement is small and even though risks are also low, you will have a scar, healing, subcutaneous scar tissue, contour irregularities (that usually settle down), and ultimately very little bang for your cosmetic buck. That's a reason to politely and gently tell you that you are young, cute, and much too hard on yourself--save your money and take a cruise, pay off student loans, or just simply avoid the healing, time off, and probable minimal change (improvement).

The easiest thing for any of us ultra-trained, experienced plastic surgeons to do is operate in this setting--the hardest thing is to decide when we should recommend NO surgery. I believe this is one of those cases, but would gladly defer to any of us fortunate enough to see you in a personal consultation where exact anatomic variables can be assessed and a thoughtful analysis given. Make sure if you decide to obtain consultations you do so with ABPS-certified plastic surgeons, not "cosmetic surgeons" who are certified by boards that have little or nothing to do with plastic surgery (Dermatology, Family Practice, Ob/Gyn, etc.). But honestly, I'd vote for the cruise! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Look at other options

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Hello! It would be more helpful to assess you in person but it looks like a long run for a short slide- significant expense and potential for complications for very little change. Depending on what your proportions are, I would recommend considering injectable fillers to augment parts of your jawline to make it smoother, or even in the midface to give a subtle lift to the lower face heaviness. The risks and cost are less, and you can always have lipo if you like at some point in the future when you have more to gain. Good luck!

Catherine Winslow, MD
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I am assuming your wish picture is the before-and-after of the same person.

Based on that, it appears that woman had something more than just chin and neck liposuction, perhaps a buccal fat pad removal.

For this, I think you need to make an in-person consultation.

Best of luck,

Mats Hagstrom, M.D.

Mats Hagstrom, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Submental laser liposuction can improve the neck line below the chin

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Thank you for your question. Based on the photo it appears that you have a small amount of fat under your chin. Of course an examination is needed. However laser liposcution of the area beneath the chin often gives a nice result especially in young patients. For more info read:

Improving jawline

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Thank you for your picture but it's a difficult to tell what you really have wrong if anything. Your profile view would be helpful. Typically if you do have some fat beneath your chin you can have liposuction. Liposuction up around the jowls can be done (I don't recommend it) I don't know if you can obtain the result of your desires.

Can I get jawline lipo like my wish pic?

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Hi and thanks for your question. The photos submitted are not the best for assessment of neck (submental) lipo or for that matter a chin implant. The best photos would be thos taken from a profile view.

After 29 years of performing lipo, I have found that the most rewarding for patients is that of neck or submental lipo. I would be happy to give you a more accurate assessment with new photos.

Always seek out a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Research, research and the research some more.............good luck

Liposuction Chin Neck

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Studies show in the literature that liposuction of the chin or neck is definitely helpful in patients with localized fullness who have good overlying skin tone.  So if a patient doesn't have crepe paper skin, liposuction should help up to middle age, as shown in the literature. Good luck, Dr. Joe

Neck and jawline liposuction candidate

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Without a full set of pictures, it is very difficult to give any opinion on the amount of fat that is present in the neck and whether or not the fatty deposits are located in the sub -mental space or sub-platysmal space. For many examples of liposuction in the neck, please see the link below  to our neck lift photo gallery

William Portuese, MD
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Can I get jawline lipo like my wish pic?

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It could be possible, but I offer two sessions in local anesthetic operations. First SmartLipo 12 watts slightly invasive or ThermiTight RF. After 3 weeks than ThermiSmooth RF external applied. Fee range from $5,000..  

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