Is my jaw surgery going to be painful?

Okay so I got told that I have to go through Surgery. They are going to break my jaw and my jaw bone and grind it down into place. I dont know how they are going to do it. I also have braces I have had them since may 20th of last year. Is it going to be painful? I am a 16 year old and I am just nervous about it.

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Orthognathic Jaw Surgery

Dont be worried about the pain associated with orthognathic surgery. The amount of discomfort depends on which jaws or if both jaws are having surgery. The bones are not "broken" as you describe. There are precision cuts made with small saws and drills which allow the surgeon to place the bones in the proper position with small screws and titanium plates. The pain is minimal, most patients complain about the swelling afterwards which uncomfortable, but not really painful. Your doctor may prescribe steroids to help with this. You will have pain medicine as well

Talk to your surgeon about your concerns, he/she will be honest with you

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