Will Jaw Surgery Provide Symmetry to my Profile or is a Chin Implant Necessary? (photo)

One side of my jaw visibly pops out at the joint & I have a crooked smile after braces. I have other symptoms: trouble speaking sometimes, limited use of my jaw and possibly sleep apnea. I'm going to visit an oral & facial surgeon about this issue, but I'd like to know if corrective jaw surgery will help protrude my chin more or if a chin implant will be the better aesthetic option.

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Orthognathic surgery is used to realign the jaw to improve function as well as improve the disproportion or asymmetry of the lower face.  Moving the jaw forward with a sliding genioplasty or augmenting the chin with implants should improve your profile.  However, without a physical examination I cannot offer an opinion as to which procedure will give you the best possible outcome.  I recommend researching your surgeon’s credentials to confirm that he or she is board certified in oral maxillofacial surgery.  Using a board certified oral maxillofacial surgeon will help to minimize your risk of complications and help ensure an optimum result.

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