Can Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic) Improve Facial Assymetry?

I have a receded chin (retrognathism) with TJM (ATM) which causes my both jaws to click when i eat and to lock sometimes. Also i have an augmented overjet and overbite and my teeth are all on top of each other.Im using braces for now and will do surgery. I also have a facial assymetry where my left side of the face looks fuller or rounder than the right side, also it's affecting my eyes causing a ptosis of the right side. Will the jaw surgery fix the assymetric face?

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Orthognathic surgery can have a dual effect on the jaw; it can improve function and improve the face aesthetically.  Realigning the jaw can improve the symmetry of your face and improve your profile.  If after your jaw is realigned and you still wish to increase the fullness on the right side of your face sometimes dermal fillers are enough to improve the asymmetry.  If you wish to reduce the fullness of the left side bone shaving and osteotomies might be your best surgical option.  If the orthognathic procedure does not correct the ptosis of your right eye, it is also possible for the cheeks to be augmented with dermal fillers or implants to help correct the symmetry under your eyes.  However, please understand that it is difficult to provide a definitive suggestion as to which procedure or procedures is best to help you get the look you wish to achieve without a thorough examination to evaluate the bony structures of your face. I recommend finding a board certified oral maxillofacial surgeon and schedule a consultation to confirm that you are a good candidate for orthognathic surgery.

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