Jaw Surgery for Major Overbite?

Hello I have been going to the Marquette school of dentistry to get braces and fix my overbite since I was 13 years old now im 18 my teeth are straight but I still have a major overbite that the student dentist says can only be fixed via surgery my student doctor has said I don't need surgery but my past doctors said I do. I have a very receded chin and small lower jaw, don't bite correctly and my face is out of proportion been to two consultants saying I need surgery and some say I don't I want it

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If you still have an overbite after orthodontic treatment you may be a good candidate for orthognathic surgery.  There are a few procedures that can be done to address the concerns you mentioned.  Osteotomies can be used to shorten the maxilla or upper jaw while bone grafts or implants could be used to advance the mandible or lower jaw.  Advancing the lower jaw forward would also improve the position of your chin and strengthen your jaw line.  Unfortunately, I am not able to provide more specific recommendations for you without a physical exam.  I recommend finding a board certified oral maxillofacial surgeon.  Be sure to review any before and after galleries before scheduling a consultation.  After your consultation, your surgeon should be able to provide you with a surgical plan that is designed specifically for you to help you get the look you wish to achieve.

Be well and good luck!


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