Jaw Surgery for Gummy Smile, Receding Profile, and Lip Incompetence? (photo)

Possible surgical procedures for the following?

  • Bad lip incompetence at rest, closing lips causes visible chin strain
  • Receding side profile
  • Gummy smile.
  • Lower third of face is 1.5 cms longer
  • Jawline asymmetry. Not easy to see in photo because skin is soft but orthodontist pointed this out. My right jaw is longer than left & pushes chin off center. I get painful TMJ mostly on shorter left side. I did have braces for crossbite as teenager. Jaw issues weren't discussed at that time.

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Orthognathic surgery is required

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Seeking advice from your orthodontist is the correct first step. Now you need to seek consultation with a board certified oral maxillofacial surgeon who performs corrective jaw surgery. In general you would require a lefort 1 osteotomy of the maxilla that will reposition the upper jaw in a more superior position. This will decrease the gummy smile. Then you will possible need a bilateral sagittal split osteotomy (if your treatment plan calls for this). From your photos your chin is really small and this can definitely be corrected by advancing the chin with a genioplasty.  This will also significantly improve the lip incompetence, the asymmetry, and the muscle strain of the chin muscle.  Best of luck. 

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