Do I Need Jaw Surgery for over Bite?

I'm 27 ,I've had 3 sets of braces, each time my teeth seem to shift back into an overbite. Feels like all the pressure when I close my mouth is on my front four teeth and the rest don't touch. If I want the bite in bk I have to rly pull my lower jaw back, uncomfortable. mentioned it to a dentist and he said my teeth are straight and didn't seem worried. Theyre straight but the bite is off and uncomfortable. Is there something less invasive than than from what the jaw surgery blogs say it will be like?

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Jaw Surgery (orthognathic surgery) is needed to correct over bite in certain cases.

Camouflage treatment with braces may make the teeth come closer but the relationship of the jaw bones may still be off.  In these cases, orthognathic surgery may be needed to correct the misaligned upper and lower jaws.  These problems are best evaluated by a maxillofacial surgeon.

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