Will Jaw Surgery Fix my Overbite?

can some professionals please look at my 3d images i just got back invisalign and tell me if jaw surgery will correct my overbite,or do you think i should reject invisalign and get braces,the 2 3d images are what my teeth will look like after 40 weeks,as you can see i will still have major problems,i will be deciding in a few days wether to go with invisalign

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Will jaw surgery fix you

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Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Jaw surgery can be used to fix most bite issues, but is that the best treatment?? Is the real questions. Jumping in to surgery isn't a good idea without understanding what you will go through and what your finish result will be. Many would have jaw surgery often feel there facial appearance changes, sometime in a less than desirable way.

The fact that you have Invisalign records taken by a doctor leads me to assume that that doctor felt Invisalign was an option for you and if surgery wasn't mentioned then that doctor may feel surgery would not be worth it.

There are other things you can do with Invisalign to shorten your treatment. You can wear rubber bands. Perhaps at your next consultation inquire about surgery and rubberbands.

Not matte what you choose, there are not short cuts, YOU MUST DO THE WORK. It's just choosing which work you are willing to do.

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Jaw surgery?

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I don't see your current pictures.  Those would be needed to attempt to answer your questions.  Please resubmit.

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