Does jaw surgery fix openbite and overbite?

I have a very recessed jaw (17 year old male) and also a large openbite and overbite. My parents are wondering if I can get a chin implant now, and then get braces later to fix the open bite and overbite? They asked if jaw surgery would fix the open bite and overbite without braces. Also what is the youngest age I can get a chin implant? Thanks

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Open bite

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you need to have the teeth aligned on the top and bottom in order for the bite to 'fit' when the surgery is done. So surgery alone rarely works. It is definitely best to avoid the chin surgery/implant until the jaw surgery is done since it can be done at the same time. Also, a chin implant does not 'shorten' the height of the face whereas the sliding genioplasty can do that and make the face more balanced. Talk to a Maxillofacial surgeon

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