Jaw Surgery or Chin Augmentation? (Photos)

i'm 20, had braces for 14 months to fix my overbite. got them off this year. jaw surgery was an option at the start but i didn't want to get teeth removed and it seemed way too extreme at the time. But now I'm real conscious of my chin and especially the lay my lower lip sticks out at all profiles. If i opt for jaw surgery, i'll need braces again won't i? so will the chin augmentation end in a similar result? will it be worth it?

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Chin implant can give you dramatic improvement with minimal down time.

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If your bite is now OK, a chin implant is a good option for you.  If the right implant is chosen, and the operation is done well, you can expect major improvement in your profile.

And it takes half an hour under local anesthesia with a little sedation, leaves no noticeable scar, and has a recovery of only a few days.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Chin implant is the best solution

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If your overbite has been corrected and you have no problems with your teeth and jaw then a chin implant is a simple easy solution that will bring great results with minimal downtime. I use a small incision under the chin in the sub mental crease. The procedure is done in my accreddited operating facility and takes approximately 30 minutes. You would have some tape on the chin for several days and otherwise expect a quick recovery with phenomenal results. Chin augmentation is a procedure that really gives the patient like yourself dramatic change. I use a digital imaging computer during the consulting phase and this is especially helpful in chin augmentation patients as I am able to show you the proposed surgical results prior to the procedure. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Chin implants are an easy fix for 'weak' chins

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The decision to have jaw surgery is generally based on the need to correct malocclusion which means that the teeth are not coming together properly when you bite down and cannot be remedied with orthodontics.  It is a much bigger surgery than chin augmentation and is usually performed to improve function rather than for cosmetic reasons.  Chin implants are purely cosmetic and can often be put in under just a local anesthetic in an office OR.

Based on your photographs, you are an excellent for chin augmentation whether or not you proceed with the jaw surgery.

James McMahan, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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