Should I Get Jaw Surgery? and if So, What Kind? (photo)

My jaw has not stopped growing and neither has my chin. I feel like my face looks flat. Also I think it's crooked.

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Chin vs Jaw Problems

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As a young girl still growing you should get a complete evaluation by a reputable orthodontist. You do have a bit of a flat face and obviously you have at least a hypertrophic chin, too prominent and too long vertically. If your occlusion is normal, this could be simply a cosmetic problem with your chin alone requiring a well planned genioplasty and maybe some fat grafting for your cheeks. All bets are off if your occlusion is off.

Hoover Plastic Surgeon

Mandibular Setback vs. Chin Reduction

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Whether you have simply chin hyperplasia or overall mandibular hyperplasia can be determined by your bite. (occlusion) If you have any underbite you should consult with an orthodontist to see if orthodontics combined with an eventual mandibular setback is needed. If your bite is normal, then you can consider an isolated chin reduction procedure that leaves the jaw bone behind it in its natural place and does not affect the bite.

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