Jaw Reduction, is Botox a Permanent Solution?

About jaw reduction, is botox injection permanent or not? because some say yes and no. Also, about the masseter shaving, the surgical operation, what are the risk, the result? I'm a male patient, and I want to have a jaw that go is going smaller from the zygomatic process to the chin.

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Jaw Reduction

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Botox can be useful in reducing a prominent jaw, however it is not permanent and and usually wears off in 3-4 months.



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A Botox or Dysport Injection is a great way to reduce a prominent jaw. It However, is not a permanent fix. Botox and Dysport usually tends to wear off 3-6 months in the jaw.

Search for a Board Certified head and neck Surgeon to do your masseter shaving. Like with any surgery there are many risks such as anesthesia sensitivities and infection control. Some of the risks are influenced by genetic factors and some are modifiable risk factors (ie. aspirin regime causing thinned blood) these factors would have to be closely discussed with your doctor. You must follow strict directions to keep surgical areas clean, So follow the recommendations of your surgeon, and make sure you are well educated on the role you will play as far as recovery goes.


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