Jaw Pain 5 Years After Lifestyle Lift?

For about the last 2 years I've had pain that starts just under my earlobes and extends along my entire jaw bilateral. Over the past 6 months it has progressed. It hurts to touch my jaw & around it. It is very tender up near the ear on the jaw bone. I am a medical resident and I have no idea what this is.

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Pain i jaw after lifestyle lift

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It is not clear. Did this pain start after the surgery.There may be injury to the greater auricular nerve.Perhaps one of the platysma elevating sutures on the inside have trapped a sensory nerve. Then again it may be unrlated to the lift

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Can a LL cause jaw pain?

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It is very unlikely that the paining your jaw is related to your lifestyle lift. There are a number of conditions that could be causing your pain. You may have inflammation around the temporomandibular joint (TMJ syndrome) which can present as pain around the ear and down into the jaw. You may have malocclusion which occurs when your bite is not lined up correctly. Dental infections can cause this type of pain, however it is unlikely that you could tolerate it for this long. I have seen ear infections present in this manner as well, again, it would be unlikely that it would last this long. You may have inflammation of your parotid gland which could create the symptoms you are describing. You may have some type of neoplastic process going on. It is very difficult to say without examining you however my first inclination is that it is related to the TMJ. I would definitely make an appointment with an ENT surgeon to have it further evaluated.

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