Will a Chin Reduction Move Lower Lip Up?

My lower jaw is vertically too long for the rest of my face. I know it is possible to vertically reduce the height of my chin by removing a "wedge" of bone. However my lower lip is too short to cover my bottom teeth right now but is about the right length for my face proportion wise. If My chin was vertically reduced could my lower lip be freed to move up by a similar amount to cover my bottom teeth? Thanks!

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Will chin surgery to shorten the length improve my lip position?

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A shortening osteotomy of the chin will have no impact on the lip position.  It may deepen the labiomental fold, but the reason that there is a fold there in the first place is because there are ligaments tethering the lower lip structures to the bone.  Slack on the soft tissues south of this fold will unfortunately not translate into more lip mobility.

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Lower lip too low in relation to lower teeth

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I would not advise shortening your chin in hopes of bring your lower lip higher.  The problem you outline may be due to a tight frenulum that is keeping your lower lip from meeting the upper lip.  Consult with a qualified plastic or oral surgeon to lengthen your lower lip frenulum and use stretching exercises to gain height to the lower lip.  Thanks for the pictures and your thoughtful analysis.  By the way, your chin position is fine the way it is.

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