I Want A More Permanent Solution- Are Jaw Implants Right For Me? Or Is Radiesse Good? Will I Need Less Injections Over Time?

I've recently had Radiesse for my jaw area (for a square jaw look), and I love the results. But I was wondering if there's any truth to something I've read. I've read over time you need less injections with fillers. I'd prefer a permanent result, but I'm having a hard time finding out about jaw implants. If there is any truth to needing less injections over time I could live with, but if not would it be more practical to go with surgery? Any information would be wonderful, thank you.

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Injectable Filler vs Implants for Jaw Angle Augmentation

There is no truth to the statement that over time any form of injectable filler will create the same effect as an actual jaw angle implant. There are no permanent injectable fillers for bone augmentation. What you are discovering is that you like the effect of jaw angle augmentation and that eventually, if you desire, you could pursue a permanent solution by surgically placing implants.

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