Are Jaw Implants Safe and How Long Do They Last?

I'm currently booked to see a plastic surgeon but i suspect he will recommend implants with other makeovers to balance my long midface, also the other thing I'm hearing about are fat grafts, how effective are they? will these things look awful with old age?

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Jaw Implants Are Safe and Effective

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Clearly a chin implant is the most predictable and stable result. In most cases they will last a lifetime.Jaw Implants Are Safe and Effective in most patients. The incidence of infection is very uncommon especially if the incision is made beneath the chin rather than inside the mouth. You can get an idea how a fat transfer might look like by using a filler such as Jeuvederm or Restylane. If fat is placed deeply directly over the bone to be augmented there should be long lasting results. The amount of fat that survives with transfer however is variable.


Mandibular implants other than chin implants are very helpful for the right person. The skill and experience of the surgeon with these implants is key. Plastic Surgeons who have completed Craniofacial fellowships, and some specially trained Oral Maxillofacial and Head and Neck surgeons are the specialists you should be looking for. In the right hands it is a safe procedure for most

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