Are Jaw Implants Really So Likely to Get Infected?

I am considering going to LA for jaw implants, however I really don't know how safe they are. They are not cheap, so it would be a massive regret if it turned out they got infected and required removal, not to mention time consuming. I can't find too many cases of them online. Why are they not as common as other procedures? Are they really that likely to become infected´╝č

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Jaw implant infections

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Fortunately, it is infrequent but it can occur.  The literature puts your risk at anywhere from 1% to 4% depending on who's articles you're reading.  In any case, simply look for a good Facial Plastic surgeon with experience in implants.  If they become infected you'll find out in a few ways.

1)  It's obvious within two weeks.  Red, swollen, hot, pus.  Obvious.  Very rare.

2)  Similar picture but milder and didn't seem to have an issue until 3 to 6 weeks after surgery.  Can just be swelling or suture granulomas so don't freak out.  

3)  Things seem normal but your swelling lingers for 3 or more months and you feel crummy.


In all most every case you'll need to remove them but you can replace them.  There is not certainty or 100% guarantee but the odds are in your favor.


If it's a chin implant going under the chin as opposed to through the mouth helps you odds a bit.


Best of luck


Chase Lay, MD 

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