Jaw implant verses Jaw bone grafts?

Several doctors have recommended a jaw implant to improve my facial asymmetry (I have a shorter jaw on that side) and one doctor suggest bone grafts in my jaw. I'm interested in the bone grafts and although I have worn down teeth on one side, I am not missing teeth and thought bone grafts were applied to areas of the jaw where teeth have been extracted? What route should I take ?

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Implants for Jawline Asymmetry

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The problem with onlay bone grafts, besides the having to have a donor site, is that they may largely resorb and what doesn't will likely end up irregular and not smooth. Implants are a far simpler and more predictable method of jaw augmentation that actual has less risk of problems even though it is a synthetic material.

Jaw implants

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If one side is shorter than the other, you should also consult with an orthodontist since the upper jaw can also be affected. Otherwise, implants are more preferred for you since bone grafts will 'remodel/change' over time due to muscle pressures etc and the shape will not be a permanent change

Gerald Wittenberg, MSc, DMD
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