Jaw Implant on One Side? Can This Be Done?

My left jaw is good sticks out more, right does not and it does not extend all the way under my ear lobe as does my left, i would like one generic implant on the weak side for symmetrical purposes so my face does not look wonky, is this a good idea? will this be cheaper then putting two implants in? i cannot afford one custom one :( a lot of surgeons do not do it even the doctors on this site do not do it....i thought about fillers but i would like a hardened long term effect?

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Jaw asymmetry treatment - Implant vs. Jaw Surgery

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Jaw asymmetry usually result from growth disturbanace (condylar hyperplasia and hypoplasia) and my be best corrected with jaw surgery rather than implants.  Implants are usually indicated for asymmetry as a result of a traumatic defect.  These surgical problems are best evaluated and treated by a maxillofacial surgeon who's familar with jaw surgery and reconstruction.

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