Jaw Implant Migration?

Hi , I have silicone jaw angle implants that were placed about a year ago, they weren't screwed to the bone, therefore the implant on the right side has migrated towards the oral incision of the mouth , the incision is closed so the implant is not exposed, it seemed like the implant couldn't move more, but it seems like every week it does move slightly , Can the implant go through the incision of the mouth if such incision has been healed and closed for almost a year?

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Jaw Implant Migration?

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Mostly likely, the implant will not come through the incision, but that is not a guarantee.  Patients do have issues
with movement, and this can be a frustrating consequence.  If it continues to move or cause pain, you may want to consider removing the implants.  I use Radiesse for the jawline and it gives a beautiful results, however it is temporary!

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Implant migration

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Generally, the implant will not come through the mouth if it is healed, but it is possible dependent upon the muscle pressure which is 'lifting' the implant. If you are not concerned about the 'look' of the implant area; best to wait and see.

The other option is to use a 'screw' to reposition it; but again, it depends on what you think of the esthetics at this stage

Gerald Wittenberg, MSc, DMD
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