Would a Jaw Enhancement and Chin Implant Help Me Achieve This Face Shape? (photo)

I would love to achieve a face shape like Edie Sedgwick. Is this possible or realistic given my current bone structure? I also plan to undergo a rhinoplasty to make my nose bridge smaller. Any suggestions to improve my current bone structure would be greatly appreciated. I really dislike my round face shape.

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Sometimes the Best Surgery is No Surgery, Especially When You Wish to Look Like a Celebrity!

Hi Dg,

You are more beautiful than Edie Sedgwick, be happy with how you are.  It is best to not "try" too look like someone else through plastic surgery, you may end up much worse off than before.  Your round face is youthful.  Don't worry, as you age it will become narrower and if you are like the majority of patients, you will wish that you had your full face back.  If you decide to go ahead with rhinoplasty, I would advise a very conservative, subtle change.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facial structure

 A round face is a sign of youthfulness. it's impossible to change bone structure on  the face to make  you look like someone else. It is certainly acceptable to undergo a chin implant when  a  weak chin profile is present. It's also acceptable to undergo rhinoplasty if you want to narrow the tip and bridge line. Performing both of these surgeries as not going to make  you look like a celebrity.

William Portuese, MD
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