Jaw Correction Not Possible with Invisalign?

After half a year into my treatment, I was informed that jaw correction (protruding jaws) is not possible with invisalign though i was told of the problem in initial consul and that it would addressed via Invisalign. Is this true? Or am I missing something here?

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Invisalign alone can not move jaw bones

As I think you have figured out already, Invisalign is great at moving teeth, but not bone.  In some cases it can mask bone shape or position problems, but not correct them.  An experienced orthodontist can work with an oral surgeon, even if you are in Invisalign (with some modifications), to move the jaw bones into place if that is really needed.  If you are not already seeing an orthodontic specialist than it would be a good idea to seek a consultation with a member of the American Association of Orthodontists.  If your doctor already is a member of this group, then a frank discussion might be needed to reassess your goals.  Goals and outcomes can change as treatment progresses and we see how your body responds.

Good luck.

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Jaw Correction vs. Dental Correction

There is a difference between moving the jaws and moving the teeth. Invisalign can move the teeth, but the jaw bones will remain where they are. Movement of the jaw bones requires jaw surgery, where they cut the jaw bone and move it back or forth, depending on the desired movement.  If your teeth and jaw are both protruding, invisalign can retract the teeth to a certain degree, but the jaw bone will remain where it is, (even though it may appear that the jaw bone has retracted due to the movement of the teeth.)  I hope this is helpful.

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