Jaw, Chin and Cheek Implants with Maxillofacial Surgery? (21 Years Old Man)

maxillo facial surgeon told me the right side of my jaw grew bigger than the left side, causing a distortion. My upper/lower teeth fit together when I close my mouth but, my entire lower face is asymmetric with regards to the upper part of my face (which also causes jaw pain). I will have maxillo facial surgery to fix this in a year but, I wanted to know if its possible to have chin, jaw & cheek implants(to add definition) done at the same time or it would have to be done in a second operation?

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Chin, jaw and cheek implants

 Bony maxillofacial work of both the upper and lower jaw are performed by an oral maxillofacial surgeon as an inpatient hospital procedure. Expect to stay a day or 2 in the hospital for this.  Cosmetic chin, jaw and cheek implants are placed on top of the bone separately as an outpatient procedure. It's always best to perform bony work first, since you may not need cosmetic implants.

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