I Want a More Masculine Face. Jaw Augmentation Vs. Injectibles, Cheek Augmentation Vs. Injectibles? (photo)

I'm looking for achieving a masculine, symmetrical appearance to my face, I presently feel my jawline lacks symmetrical balance to my forehead, at first glance I considered a jaw impant surgery, however I'm unsure if a syringe or two of filler to "flare out" the back of my jaw will achieve the desired affect. I've already received injectible filler to achieve a "chiseled" cheekbone. Moving forward, is rhinoplasty nessecary to correct the bulbus tip? Injection or Impant for the jaw? thoughts?

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Chin and cheek surgery, etc.

Implants for bone underdevelopment work better, look better and are permanent. The only risk with a good surgeon is the possibility of infection. The nose tip can be refined and the bridge straightened as well. Make sure your surgeon knows exactly what you want BEFORE surgery.

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