Will Jaw Angle Implants Push out Existing Cheek Fat?

If I get jaw angle implants will it push out the existing fat on my cheeks? I have chipmunk cheeks already and don't want to make it worse. I want jaw angle implants is because I have a very weak jaw and a round squishy face. I'm also very skinny and underweight so weight loss won't fix the problem. Any advice?

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Jaw angle implants will not push out existing cheek fat

The jaw angle implants are placed over the mandible on the lateral portion of the angle of the jaw just below and in front of the ear. The buccal fat pads are located in the front part of the cheeks lateral to the nose and in the mid portion of the cheeks. They are totally unrelated to the jaw angle. So, jaw angle implants will not push out existing cheek fat.

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Jaw angle implants side effects

There will be no exceptional change in the fat of the cheeks. The jaw angle implants (placed through an incision in the mouth) rest deep to the masseter muscle. This is posterior to the loose fat in the mid portion of the cheek. With broadening of the base of the lower face, the fat of the mid cheek will look less prominent by contrast.

I will try to post a couple of jaw angle patients photos on Realself next week.

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Jaw Angle Implants Do Not Change Cheek Fat

Jaw angle implants will have no effect on cheek fat. They are located in two different anatomic locations.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Jaw implants could improve your jawline and also flatten out your cheeks but this is not a guarantee

In my experience, jaw implants have been able to pull the cheek fat flatter. But this may not be the result that you will fully appreciate after your surgery. What the jaw implants can do is take up some of the volume of your face and pull the cheek volume back and in that way the cheek fat can be pulled back and made flatter. 

Philip Young, MD
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