I Can Stick a Creditcard Inbetween my Two Front Teeth. And I'm Wantin to Get It Fixed? (photo)

I have a gap in my two front teeth and I'm wanting to get it fixed but at a cheap cost. It's just a small gap. Like I can fit a credit card between them. What's the best solution for this problem??

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Closing the Gap Between Upper Front Teeth

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Hi Barbara...I would start with the least invasive procedure and the least expensive which is bonding the teeth together with a composite resin. If your dentist has experience with bonding and he has done really nice work,  this is the least expensive and non invasive way to create a great smile and close your gap.  Now we can bring out the big guns and close the gap with two veneers or using an orthodontic procedure such as invisalign or Six Month Smiles, which uses clear wires and brackets. All three of these procedures are more expensive but will close the gap between your teeth as well!  The choice is yours but start with the first before you move on to lots of money and major work!

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