I Can Feel Something in the tip of my Nose After Rhinoplasty?

got asian rhinoplasty done in japan one month ago. the doctor used "I" type silicone for the bridge . When I touch the tip of my nose, I can feel something pointy there. Is it normal that I'm able to feel the material he put there? Does this mean the silicone is going to extrude? What are the chances that I won't have to get a revision done?

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Implants for an Asian rhinoplasty

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it is not unusual to be able to feel the implant though it is less common with an "I type" silicone implant.  This also makes extrusion much less likely an your case.  although it is not common implants can sometimes formed capsules around them that are not exactly infections making the implant more visible or palpable.  Your likely fine and should just try and maintain contact with your surgeon as much as possible.  It's also very early in her postoperative period.  Continue to observe this and if it becomes an issue over the coming months then revisited with her surgeon.

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Silicone implant palpable?

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Contrary to popular belief, it is actually quite normal to feel the implant no matter what shape it is, though it is less likely with the short "I"shape. It is only likely to extrude if you can see the implant reflecting shadow through a thin skin. Even so, the chance of extrusion is less than 10%.

Somyos Kunachak, MD
Thailand Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Silicone Implant in the Nose

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It is not unusual for Asian rhinoplasty patients to feel the silicone implant, especially with L shape implants where the elbow of the implant is in the tip region. This does not necessarily mean the implant will extrude. Hopefully you have sufficient tip skin thickness that allows some cushioning in the presence of the implant. It is hard to say what chances you have of avoiding a revision procedure. You should touch base with your surgeon to make sure they don't have any ongoing or evolving concerns. Happy healing.

John M. Hilinski, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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