I am bothered by the misalignment of my teeth. I have midline problems in my upper teeth/no lower lateral incisors (Photo)

I am really bothered by the misalignment of my teeth. I have midline problems in my upper teeth and my lower teeth lacks 2 lower lateral incisors, what treatment can you recommend? All my upper teeth go to the right and the lower teeth go to the left. I don't have lateral incisors in my lower teeth. I am tempted to try out having all my teeth removed and have dental implants since I am really frustrated. What can I do with my dental problems, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Ortho then porcelain #veneers #DrSoftTouch

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Removing all of your teeth and replacing them with implants would be drastic and is not the answer. I would recommend orthodontics to properly align your upper teeth. After your teeth are in the proper position, I would recommend porcealin veneers. First, I would recommend an ortho consult to determine your options. Follow me on RealSelf if you have more questions.


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you do not need to extract your teeth  to have a big difference, you can have a big change with dental veneers, and crowns . you can make all your teeth match and make them look amazing. 
shape, size and even color. would be done , and you will love your smile now.

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