What's the difference between "crown" and "bridge"?

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Difference between #crown and bridge #DrSoftTouch

A crown is a restoration that encases the entire top portion of a single tooth.  A bridge, on the other hand, is a single restoration used to replace one or more teeth. It is basically two crowns with one or more fake teeth attached in between the crowns. The anchor teeth for a bridge are prepared in the same way teeth are prepared for a crown. I hope this helps. Follow me for more questions and answers.

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Crown and bridge difference

Hello there, a crown is a tooth-shaped material that is cemented on an existing tooth, while a bridge is a tooth-shaped restoration used to restore several missing teeth.

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Bridge can be viewed as multiple crowns connected together

You can consider a bridge as multiple crowns attached together.  A bridge is used if you have missing tooth/teeth.

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Both are used for different situations

A crown restores a single tooth.  You shave down the tooth to make it smaller and you put a "cap" on it that looks like the original tooth.  A bridge is used when you have a gap between teeth and you want a permanent way to restore it.  A bridge is when you prepare the teeth on both sides of the gap for crowns and the dental lab makes a single restoration that is basically two crowns with a fake tooth attached between them.  And it cements down as one piece.

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Crown vs Bridge


A crown is used to cover and protect a single tooth that's already existed. A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth or teeth by using the adjacent teeth for support.Hope this helps to explain the difference. Best of luck 

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