Semi-ablative Fractional left me with indented red scars (5th week after the said procedure). Is this normal? (photos)

I don't know if this is a botched procedure but I really feel like my dermatologist is not telling me the truth so I am posting here to ask the real opinions of other dermatologist. I had a semi ablative fractional laser 2 passes ( 2nd pass was set to 160- I forgot the unit) , the derma said if it is ok with me if I have blistering I said ok knowing it will be better , but it's already 5th week and I still have these indented and redness left by the laser. Now she is telling me to wait for 2mts.

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Semi-ablative Fractional left me with indented red scars. Is this normal?

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Thanks for your question, thanks for adding in the photos, and I am sorry that you are having the concerns that you are having.  First, I am not sure what you mean by semi-ablative fractional – we have ablative, non-ablative, and an RF fractional that is sometimes known as sublative.  We also now have RF microneedling devices that are also fractional. From what I see in the photos, the scarred areas on your face are still red post the laser and I am quite comfortable telling you that I do believe in time that these will fade into normal skin colors and that you will note some improvement in your scarring.  With acne scarring and any laser – whether ablative or not, one needs to understand that it may take more than one procedure to get the improvement that you want and you still may be left with some scarring – it is not always 100%. You also need to be using an appropriate skin care routine – and with these procedures we always use something to enhance the effect and to help with the redness that follows these procedures.  Your dermatologist should have you on something – whether an antioxidant or a growth factor topical.  I think you will be fine and I think your dermatologist should be able to take care of this and you without much concern.

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