Old acne scar inside ear. Can it be treated with fractional laser ?

I'm having fractional laser tomorrow. I'm having my whole face done. But I have these acne scars inside my ears for a very long time now and people notice it more than I expect them and it is affecting my self esteem. I would like to know if acne scars inside ear (on the CONCH part not the CANAL) can be treated with fractional ? I would also like to know the other options for this ? I know I should be asking my dermatologist tomorrow ,but I want to research by myself first if it is possible.

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Scars inside the conchal bowl of the ear, may be difficult to treat....

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Depending on the size of the laser handpiece it can be safely used to treat scarring on this part of the ear, it is limited only by the size of the area --- it can be difficult to reach and treat properly. Hope this helps, Dr. P.

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