What can I use to temporarily glue my daughters tooth back until I can get her to a dentist? She is 3&1/2 by the way.

My daughter had major dental surgery about a year and a half ago and today she was shutting the microwave door and it didn't shut completely and swung back and hit her in the mouth it knocked her front tooth out that is silver in the back and white in front.

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What can I use to temporarily glue my daughters tooth?

I wouldnt recommend to use glue or any other cement than dental cements or dental bonding agents. Reason is simple, glue or cements that you can buy by yourself are not intended or manufactured to use in humans. Can burn the pulp if the teeth is vital, can create necrosis on soft tissues and many more problems.

My recommendation its to get an appointment to your current dentist as soon as posibble if its a recementation procedure it lasts less than 10 minutes appointment.

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Sadly it is unlikely the tooth can be replanted.  It is a primary tooth and these are not typically replaced if they are knocked out.  Even a permanent tooth is difficult to replace under these circumstances.  I would contact a dentist as soon as you can to see what, if any, your options are.  Good luck!

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