Breast feeling strained 1 year after breast augmentation?

I got 340cc, now I'm a C cup but my breast feel strain whenever I dont wear a bra. Why

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Breast issue

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Anytime you have a change in sensation that concerns you after having implants. it may be worthwhile to be seen by your surgeon.

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Breast feeling strained 1 year after breast augmentation?

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Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear that your breasts are causing you discomfort.  Without a full series of photographs or an in-person examination it is difficult to offer you definite advice and seeing your surgeon is the best way to obtain a diagnosis and treatment plan.  Best wishes.

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1 year post breasts augmentation

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Dear sydiav,   It is impossible to answer your question without examining you or , at least, seeing your front and side views pictures. It is not clear what do you mean with the word "strain" . Is it capsule contracture ? Is it saggy breasts ?  Your best mode of action should be to consult with your surgeon or get 2nd opinion from an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.                   All the best,                                       Dr Widder

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