How soon can I have lipo and change my breast implants?

I am 34 yrs old an mother of 4 kids. I became pregnant with my fifth child an had a still birth @ 22 wks , how long do i have to wait before i can do a liposuction an change my breast implant .

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Your breasts should be allowed to return to a pre-pregnant size before surgery.

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The best thing to do is allow your entire body to go back to a pre-pregnant state-- and this can take many weeks, or months.  You could discuss this with your surgeon, and get prepared, so that after you have returned to your pre-pregancy self, you can proceed.
Breast Wishes.

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Lipo and breast implant exchange

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Sorry about your loss, but I would wait several months for you to get down to your pre pregnancy weight before going ahead with surgery.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Lipo and augment after miscarriage

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First, very sorry to hear about your still birth. In order to be cleared for surgery, your pregnancy test has to be negative and, often,after miscarriage,the hormone levels stay elevated for at least a month. Unless the gynecologist certifies that a D&C has removed all products of conception, the anesthesiologist will want to delay.  I would also want you to get back to your prepregnancy and preferred weight and for any breast enlargement to dissipate before selecting an implant size.  Use the time to find a board certified plastic surgeon with whom you are comfortable and to plan the procedure. Augment and liposuction can certainly be combined if desired.

Breast Surgery and Lipo After Pregnancy

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My colleagues are right--it will take some time for your body to return to its pre-pregnancy shape. You want that to happen first so you will make a good choice of implants and to get the best surgical results possible.

You know yourself better than anyone does, so I would advise working on getting back to normal, losing any extra weight and keeping an eye on your body. When you are close--say after several weeks to a few months--you can go ahead and schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to talk things over and make plans.

I am sorry about your loss--it must have been very difficult.

How soon can I have lipo and change my breast implants?

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Sorry about your loss.  

You were only 22 weeks.  If you didn't have much weight gain or significant changes to your body, then a month is sufficient.  If you did, then you might consider waiting a little longer. 

Good luck.


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Usually two to three months is all you need. All of the previous comments are appropriate and true too.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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Wait 4-6 months

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So sorry about your loss. You will want to wait 4-6 months for your body to reassume its natural contours. I would also get clearance from your OB/Gyn before proceeding. Good luck

Robert Frank, MD
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How soon can I have lipo and change my breast implants?

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I recommend waiting 3-5 months in order for your body to get to your pre-pregnancy weight and then schedule an appointment with a Board Certified PS.

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