Vegan drug options for breast augmentation?

I've decided on a doctor to do my breast augmentation, but I've recently been transitioning into a vegan lifestyle. The clinic uses propofol, ketamine and midazolam. Apparently Cleofol is not commonly used in South Korea, and I was wondering whether any of the above are vegan-friendly? Or if there are other options? He insists for me to go under general anesthesia (even though I really don't want to), but if there isn't another option besides Cleofol, I would not be getting the implants.

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Vegan drug options

Hello and thank you for your question. Unfortunately there are not many vegan-friendly alternatives to medicine created with animal by-product. Ketamine and Midazolam are both vegan, but Propofol is not. Propofol is created from a base that must include fish egg phosphatide (a group of compounds derived from highly purified egg yolk). Cleofol is the new and only alternative to Propofol, and was launched for trial in some countries, where manufacturers claim it does not contain any egg lecithin or animal by product. Although, ten years ago Cleofol was thought to be unethical because the ingredients were not disclosed on the package insert.
I am not sure how popular Cleofol is and where you could find a plastic surgeon that practices with this vegetarian substitute. Unfortunately there are not many alternatives in the medical world right now for animal by-product containing medicines, and even less doctors who will purchase Cleofol over the more reliable Propofol. 

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