Skin problem and procedures - Rhinoplasty, face reshaping and eyelids.

My skin is too oily that I have white head everywhere (especially face and back). I want to do rhinoplasty, facial reshaping, and eye work (to define double eyelid). Do I need an/other procedure/s before getting my face ready to be under the knife? I have body shape problem too. My shoulder is very broad, I am skinny and flat-chested so I do not really look like a lady. My fingers and toes are a little bit crooked. I want to work on it too. What are the names of the procedures that I need?

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Skin problem and procedures - Rhinoplasty, face reshaping and eyelids.

I am concerned about how critical you are of your appearance. I think that good skin care will help you and a dermatologist is a great start for this. I find, however, that patients who find too many flaws with their face and body often are not actually happy after surgery. I know this seems like it could not be true, but after the surgeries there are frequently other issues that may bother you or a patient in your situation. I think before any surgery you would be best served to speak with someone, a friend, a family member, a counselor , or psychiatrist to be sure they agree with your plan for so much surgery. This will help you achieve the happiest result! Hope that helps...

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