Questions Regarding Isotretinoin?

Hi, i have further questions regarding isotretinoin: Is it found naturally in human body? What dose is suggested for tropical climate? If i have had the corrective laser (CO2 laser) 2 months ago, when can i start taking isotretinoin? If we stop taking isotretinoin after one month with breakouts still happening, will this scar? As isotret will slow down the healing process of skin? What can be done to manage the outbreak during isotretinoin treatment? Is cortisone injection allwed? Thanks

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Questions about isotretinoin

Isotretinoin is a form of Vitamin A, so yes, in essence it's found in the body though not in the same amount. Dosing should be determined by a physician in your area. I live in Las Vegas, where it's hot and dry. Most people cannot tolerate above 40mg a day. But in the south U.S., people like to take 80mg a day because it's humid and their skin can tolerate that dosing. You can start taking Accutane after CO2 but not before, so consult your doctor about timing. If you don't plan to finish your regimen of Accutane, don't start it. There's no point in starting and then stopping in a month. Cortisone is allowed during Accutane, but only for very severe cystic breakouts and should be minimized. 

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