Is Isotretinoin Safe? Male, Moderate Acne.

Hi, I am male, diagnosed with moderate acne by my dermatologist and she prescribe me acnetrex (isotretinoin) with the dose of 10mg/day. My present condition: my face is almost clear, few breakouts once in a while, but my back that has been constantly breaking out for 1 year some of the pimples are hard and painful when pressed, some are pustules. My question: Is isotretinoin safe? I heard of some bad permanent side effects (Erectile Disfunction, hair loss, libido loss), are these real?

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Is Isotretinoin safe

I have been prescribing Accutane for nearly 30 years. I've taken it myself, prescribed it to my family members, and prescribed it for tens of thousands of patients. In the past about 7 years is when all of these crazy side effects showed up (birth defects are real though, and those have been established from the beginning), but all of the rest are new side effects, which mean, NOT side effects that are real or established. Things are out of control with medicines in general and we have to list every single thing that could happen. Stub your toe? It might have been Accutane. Cut a fingernail wrong? Could have been Advil. Got a cough? Might be the Doxycycline. It's really nuts. Taking Accutane in low dosages under proper administration by someone who is trained, is fine. Accutane is the only cure for acne. 

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