24 and only in one year I got severe baldness. I've consulted many hair doctors but all advise me for hair transplant (Photo)

Dear sir, I am having severe baldness in last one year as i getting my all hair down so it consult a doctor but all said for hair transplant as my marriage is in one year so should i have to go for hair transplant

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24 with hair loss

I would recommend seeing a hair specialist, having a microscopic follicular exam, and determining the cause of your hair loss.  If it is a result of male pattern baldness, you should stabilize your hairless with medical management and then consider a hair transplant procedure.

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24 and severe balding

Many men under 30, will stop or reverse the thinning that occurs with genetic balding. From your pictures, you are an ideal candidate but this requires a doctor to prescribe it, I also always perform bulk measurements with an instrument called HAIR CHECK which is a good way to determine just how much thinning you have that you can not see. Once this test is done and you have gone a year, I often repeat the test as it gives an excellent measurement on what happened to your hair over the year. If it got better and some of the thinning reversed, maybe you won't need a transplant and that is the goal that you should look to do. Of course, a good doctor is critical to this course.

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Hair loss at young

You may have typical genetic male pattern hair loss.  You can start on a medial regiment routine to slow down your hairloss and contact a hair restoration surgeon for advise. 

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If you are losing hair that fast, a hair transplant may make it worse just as fast.

If you are losing hair that fast, a hair transplant may make it worse just as fast.
You need a good exam and a long term plan.  
A hair transplant will NOT give you a full head of hair.

A doctor usually needs to exam a patient, diagnose a problem (of why you are losing your hair), then needs to
understand the goals and expectations of a patient before giving them options or treatment plan.

If you don't have good donor hair, then surgery may not be an option. These are things you need to discuss
with a doctor in person. Body hair may be an option but that is also something you need to discuss with your
doctor in person.

Scalp MicroPigmentation may also be an option but that is also something you need to discuss with your doctor
in person.

Jae Pak, MD
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A hair transplant is not advised as you are losing hair fast, but you can reverse hair thinning and stop more hair loss

In the years past, it was rare in our practice to ever do a hair transplant on someone in their 20s. They were losing hair so fast that they would never get close to the volume and coverage that would satisfy them with one, two, or three transplants. In the later decades, many men in their 40s or 50s have hair loss so a transplant can be done more strategically and you can have a limited amount of hair to look good.

A diffuse pattern of hair loss has miniaturization. The hair does not fall out necessarily, but with every growth cycle, the hair comes back thinner. You’d be surprised on how much existing hair you have if you were to look under the microscope.

You have several options for hair loss. You can orally take a drug like finasteride which is a blocker of dihydrotestosterone or DHT, the byproduct of an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. Certain hair follicles are susceptible to the effects of DHT. Therefore, if you reduce system DHT, you’ll slow down the progression of hair loss. At this current time, people are very hesitant because this drug has been associated to have long-term sexual side effects.

In our practice, we have developed Hair Regeneration, a method of using a material called extracellular matrix combined with your own blood byproduct called platelet-rich plasma. We’ve developed a delivery system and a method of formulation to make a significant improvement in restoring hair volume without surgery. It’s a onetime injection treatment and we have 3-5 years of data supporting the longevity and the lack of regression. Patients are coming to us from all over the world because of this unique system that we’ve developed.

I would advise against doing a hair transplant. You’re losing hair so fast that the hair transplant will look like you had a hair transplant. I would rather you try a medical modality such as oral drugs or Hair Regeneration because I think that you’ll get more benefit from them. In our practice, we observed an improvement in practically 100% of male patients who come to us. The earlier someone comes, the more we are able to help them and get them a lot more benefit.

We’ve also helped a lot of people who recently had a hair transplant and are looking for a way to improve their results. Through Hair Regeneration, they have a better yield and overall result from their transplant. We are able to thicken up their thinning hairs so that they are not continuously losing hair.

I suggest that you learn more about Hair Regeneration and I advise against doing a transplant. I don’t think it would be the right thing for you. I hope that was helpful, I wish you the best of luck, and thank you for your question.

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Early hair loss

If you are under 25 years old and experiencing significant hair loss, you need to be aggressive in the face of aggressive loss.  Get a solid diagnosis from a medical doctor to make sure nothing else is going on.  Then start aLL the relevant PROVEN medical treatments (finasteride, minoxidil, and LLLT) for AT LEAST A YEAR.  You can also consider the experimental ACell/PRP injections since you still have hair remaining in the area. 

Use hair fibers like Toppik on your wedding day to camouflage and look great in photos (ALL the stars in Hollywood use it, I know firsthand!).

Lastly, try avoiding surgery for now and realize that you need a long term plan for your hair loss if you are experiencing it this early.  Good luck!

Sara Wasserbauer, MD
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Young man with severe recent hair loss. Hair transplant or not?

Doesn't sound like a hair transplant is necessarily the best option for you right now. I know you are worrying about your upcoming marriage, but there are cosmetic products that can hide your baldness in the short term e'g Toppik and Nanogen.
You should be on medical treatment as soon as possible like Regaine, Propecia and/or laser treatment for at least year and hope that hair loss stabilises then consider surgery after that if all is well

Bessam Farjo, MBChB
Manchester Hair Restoration Surgeon
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