How to Remove Jagged Surgery Scars?

I have horrible scarring from multiple open heart surgeries it looks jagged and webbed I hate it. What can I do? Can I get it repaired?

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Hypertrophic sternal scars

Without photos and other infomration, it is not fully clear if you have "just" hypertrophic (abnormally thick) scars or even keloids (less likely). These can be quite challenging to treat predictably and permanently. Approaches can involve surgical excision with or without Z-plasties (zig-zag scars!) plus steroid injection(s) or just multiple steroid injections alone.

You should see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who can assess your situation and then provide you with a reasonable treatment plan.

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Scarring on the chest

A scar on the central chest is one of the most difficult to make cosmetically pleasing. The movement in the area almost inevitably causes jagged, raised scars. I would recommend a series of intralesional steroid injections to help flatten the scar and then consider pulsed dye laser to remove the pink of the scar. The scar will need multiple treatments with these injections and laser. The other option is to have staged scar revision surgeries which would involve removing sections of the scar and re-suturing. I would recommend a visit with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to evaluate your options.

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